Russia’s Service dress uniform

2019-06-01 341

Officially "Casual Uniform Option 1", this uniform is a standard-issue uniform for officers (including warrant officers) equivalent to service dress. The colours of the uniform are olive green for the Army, Airborne Forces, Spetsnaz Units, and Space Forces, blue for the other Aerospace Forces sub branches, and black or white (season determinant) for the Navy.

The kit formerly served the everyday, dress, and parade roles for enlisted servicemen until its abolition for these purposes in 2015 due to cost cutting measures. Since then, it is only assigned to officers and warrant officers. Additionally, it served as the sole everyday uniform for officers until being progressively supplanted by the Office Uniform from 2012 to 2015. It is now de facto used for more formal occasions relative to the cheaper Office Uniform though no regulation officially stipulates which is to be used per occasion. De jure, both are equal casual service dress options for officers.

Dress uniform colouration
ServiceBranch of serviceUniform colourCap band colourUniform pipingShirt colour
Ground ForcesMotorised Rifles officersOlive greenRedRedLight green
Tank officersBlackRed
Military police officersRedRed
Rocket and artillery officersBlackRed
Air defence officersBlackRed
Special corps officersBlackRed
Spetsnaz (G.U.) officersAzureAzure
Strategic Missile ForcesStrategic Missile Forces officersBlackRed
Aerospace ForcesSpace Forces officersAzureAzure
Airborne Forces officersAzureAzure
Air Force officersBlueAzureAzureLight blue