About us


Headquartered in Hangzhou, Alndra Clothing is one of the few domestic manufacturers specializing soft goods and contract manufacturing for various foreign militaries, service academies, airlines, police and fire departments, and other organizations. After years of development, Alando relies on a complete quality control system, advanced sewing equipment, high-quality Technical team and stable workforce, product quality has always been at the leading level in the industry. The industries involved cover security, railway, urban management, maritime, six departments, public security and law departments, etc., and are exported to Asia, North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and other places.

For more than ten years, we have devoted ourselves to making every hat well. We are willing to be lonely, devote ourselves to research, and constantly challenge the progress of hat manufacturing technology. Alando makes the product quality to the best in the industry little by little, from design, plate making, production , cutting, sewing, ironing, packaging, as well as the strength guarantee in production technology and processing equipment, Alando has created a whole industry chain from fabric to design and cutting, to customized processing of hats, to the delivery of the final product. Such a unique integrated industrial chain in the industry has firmly resisted the fluctuations of the external market, and has provided customers with stable and excellent services for many years.

As a professional hat-making enterprise, Alando has been engaged in the custom processing of foreign military caps for a long time. Alando has established the corporate philosophy of technology first since its establishment, and actively built its advantages and capabilities in R&D and innovation. At present, the company has nearly 15 technical R&D personnel, especially in the field of uniforms and hats. Alando leads the industry with its core technology and excellent product quality; the company is based in Hangzhou and successfully radiates to surrounding cities, forming a good pattern in which the center drives the common development of the surrounding areas. , and also set up production and processing plants in the north.

Innovation is endless, Alando will take the pursuit of high-quality industry service as a cause, and will create a new model of industry service in Hangzhou and even the whole country, and create brilliance in the field of uniforms.